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Nyaa and KissAnime Banned! How to Access?


So, as of now, we have the first few causalities of the Anime Ban imposed by Disney. The anime piracy websites Nyaa and KissAnime are banned and inaccessible to the fans. Although I support the decision of reducing piracy and providing anime legally, but it is our duty at the same time to give you the information, (and sometimes solution too XD) about these bans. So, the torrent provider service and the free online streaming Russian website cannot be opened now. And there is chaos among fans as they were the main sources of anime for them.

If you want to know more about the ban you can read this article: All You Need To Know About The Anime Ban in India!

Anime Ban by Disney

This article will tell you how all the piracy websites will be taken down one by one. Currently, 118 websites are on their radar, and more will be added soon.

Please Watch Anime Legally

Nyaa and Kissanime are just the first two causalities of this revolution. So, how will you watch anime now? Well, this article will guide you on “how to access these websites”

. But first, let us take an oath in our hearts, that if the anime that we want watch is available legally, then we will try our best in our capacity to watch it from the legal sources.

For starters, you can watch a good number of anime on Muse Asia and Ani-One YouTube channels. They are free, cost you nothing, and the easiest source to access anime. Also, let’s hope that Anilog or Animelog anime Youtube channel also gets launched in the Indian region soon so that we can see more and more anime Legally and for Free!!

Second is Crunchyroll, the streaming quality is awesome, you just need high-speed internet, and a good amount of data. Remember, CRUNCHYROLL IS FREE!! You just have to watch some ads, there are many anime in the Indian region, you can also change the region by using a VPN to access more anime. You can also watch anime on Funimation for free. Yes, FUNIMATION IS ALSO FREE!! You just have to use a VPN, it is kind of illegal too, but you can at least support anime with this. And, last but not the least, NETFLIX many people use Netflix already. If you already own a Netflix plan, then watch anime there! SIMPLE!!

To know more about legal sources of anime, check out this article!!


More than 500+ Anime are Legally Available in India

How to Access Nyaa and Kissanime

So, Nyaa and Kissanime are banned, now you must be wondering you can access them right? for Nyaa, it is easy and simple, many might’ve figured it out already, just use a VPN! Yes, it is that simple, with any working VPN you can easily access

Kissanime is Back!!

Now, what about Many of you might’ve tried using a bunch of VPN and different regions, but it is still not working, right? Well, here comes Pervy Senpai to the rescue! From some sources, I came to know that the Russian website was taken down completely and not just blocked in a particular region. So, a VPN is of no use. So, the website owners has made a new website, and KissAnime is back with a new address. The new address is You can access the website by clicking here.

Thanks for reading so far!! Please visit again!!

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Pervy Senpai


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