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Ranking Top 8 Story Arcs In Attack on Titan!


Different story arcs are part of the bigger picture of the story. Here, we are ranking 8 of the best arcs of Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan is easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest, ongoing Anime/Manga series right now. The manga has sold over 100 million copies worldwide while the Anime is destroying the rating bar on all the Anime/TV rating platforms. Just like any other long-running series, Attack on Titan’s story is also told in Arcs. each arc contains its own plot direction and a conclusion that leads to the next story arc while still heavily affecting the main Overarching plot of the series.

This is just a fun list ranking all these story arcs, in the perspective of their Storytelling quality and the influence to the main plot. This list is completely subjective and please take it with a grain of salt!

8) 104th Training Corps arc

Not very surprised, are we? or maybe some people are surprised realizing that this was even considered an Arc. well, Yes! This was an arc in Attack on Titan, which was there just to make sure to fool its viewers into thinking that this series was indeed a generic Shonen story. But whatever the purpose it served to the storytelling, we still cannot overlook the fact that this arc, dipped the quality down way lower than the rest of the story arcs.

The only memorable events from the Arc are the gimmick of Sasha eating a Potato during the assembly and the noisy feud between Eren and Jean.


7) The Fall of Shiganshina

The only thing that holds back this arc from being higher in the list is the fact that it was way too short. These two magnificent episodes are some of the best introductory episodes, not just in anime but in the media in general! Setting the tone and horror of the series. If the rest of the story wasn’t as good as it is now, then the entire series would’ve heavily paled against it’s own beginning episodes. Now that we think about it, The training arc was specifically designed to pale against this one.

6) Battle of Trost

The first proper entry to the list.
Unlike the previous two, This is a full fledged Battle story arc which means that it has events that gets the plot moving! Except, it doesn’t…
While enjoyable, the Battle of Trost suffered some sever pacing issues and it didn’t had much to add to the world. You’d think that way if you’re a first-time watcher, and I believe your feelings matter more than a person rewatching the series.

Delivering some incredible scenes such as Mikasa’s past and Eren’s transformation, Battle of trost is actually a solid story arc on its own.

5) Female Titan Arc

One of the better arcs from the first season with an Epic conclusive battle.
The final episode of the first season was the perfect way to close this epic battle, while everything led towards it, was an amazing thrill ride! Annie as a Titan was just terrifying. The way she ran, grabbed and squashed soldiers around her was a complete onslaught. The Female Titan carried this whole arc so well that it made its way to Top 5.

4) The Uprising Arc

Before jumping on to the hate receiving bandwagon, I must clarify that I absolutely love The Uprising Arc. This was the story arc where we started looking into my most favourite character in the series, Commander Erwin Smith. This is also the biggest info dump arc of the series which I really liked and the whole political aspect of it, was way more interesting than just slicing Titan-necks.
But, there is a problem.


One of the many things I absolutely love about Attack on Titan is that it is so Convoluted yet it is compelling. Even for an average viewer, this complex story is unfathomably easy to grasp because of the way it is told. And the same charm, not entirely, but lowkey was missing in The Uprising Arc. If you don’t pay keen attention, you might end up getting lost.

3) Clash of The Titans

Why is this so underrated? Ok, I get it. I have a personal bias for this Arc and I think it doesn’t get the amount of appreciation it deserves. But all you guys looking down at me need to go through the arc all over again and realize how Incredible it was. I consider this to be the pivotal arc for the survey corps, from where they actually started looking at the titans from a different view. Instead of just slicing necks, the corps started investigating the origin and the meaning of the titan inside the wall. This is where AOT began telling its story in two perspectives. Backed with an amazing, hyped climax, Attack on Titan – Season 2 is a reasonable contender for this high spot.

2) The Marley War Arc

This is not just a battle anymore, It’s a WAR! The Marley war arc hasn’t been adapted yet and will begin airing in December. And once it does, it will change your perception even more than Season 3 part 2 did. Attack on Titan turns into a serious, hyper-realistic war story with both sides and innocents being a part of it. Incredible action sequences and deep themes about war are explored through the setting, characters and their moral dilemmas.

The Unfinished Final Arc

when you hear someone calling AOT “Peak Fiction” just know that it’s because of this arc

The End of Attack on Titan. One of the greatest pieces of storytelling in any form of media. Chapter 120, 121, 122 and 131 are my picks for the peak fiction. The level of brilliance and ridiculousness just skyrockets. This Arc in its entirety is one long, haunting climax that Isayama had already planned since nobody knows when but it all comes together and you realise that every stone was placed purposely from the very first chapter.

This is an Honorable entry in the List due to the fact that it’s not finished yet or else it would be at #1 without any second thoughts, not even a mid ending can change that fact. In fact, the final arc did have some questionable chapter releases a few months ago but even that cannot hinder the quality of this Glorious Climax.

1) Return to Shiganshina

What? Return to Shiganshina over The Marley war arc??

Well, Yes! Because this is my list, I’m extremely biased for this arc and Erwin is still my most favourite character from the series.

The reclamation of Wall Maria is the embodiment of Struggle and Human Desperation depicted in media. The Terror of not knowing what the enemy is going to do next, Every blow of wind carries death and bloodshed. The defeated and terrified survey corps stands up to fight a lost battle, pays an irredeemable price in exchange of a piece of information. This arc is a roller coaster that stays at the peak for its entirety and i cannot say that statement even for the Marley arc which is definitely bigger and has a more grand scheme.

This Arc is the story of a fight against the cruel and hopeless world, A story of a broken dream and disappointments..

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SE) Connie’s Mum Arc

Special entry

Trash. shouldn’t have happened in the manga and MAPPA should also consider omitting this. one of the worst Attack on Titan Arcs. shouldn’t even be considered one of the Attack on Titan Arcs. Attack on Titan Arcs are way better in general (I am doing this to get the SEO approval)

The Attack Titan


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