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Uzumaki Anime Delayed To 2021 (Junji Ito)


Uzumaki, not Naruto Uzumaki, but the massively famous Horror manga by Junji Ito is very well acclaimed in fans and critics alike. It was supposed to be animated into an anime, which is under production for quite a long time now. Fans were eagerly waiting for any news about its release, but it looks like they have to wait for a long time again, as Uzumaki anime is delayed to 2021.

Uzumaki Basic Plot

MyAnimeList (MAL) an anime rating, reviewing and ranking website describes its plot as:

In the town of Kurouzu-cho, Kirie Goshima lives a fairly normal life with her family. As she walks to the train station one day to meet her boyfriend, Shuuichi Saito, she sees his father staring at a snail shell in an alley. Thinking nothing of it, she mentions the incident to Shuuichi, who says that his father has been acting weird lately. Shuuichi reveals his rising desire to leave the town with Kirie, saying that the town is infected with spirals.


But his father’s obsession with the shape soon proves deadly, beginning a chain of horrific and unexplainable events that causes the residents of Kurouzu-cho to spiral into madness.

(Plot of Uzumaki manga as described by MyAnimeList)
a still from Uzumaki Manga

If you want to know more about Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror then go through this page.

New Promotional Video and Release Date?

Adult Swim posted a promotional video on Junji Ito’s Uzumaki anime adaptation. Although, it is the same video which was released almost a year ago, but this time, the description says:

“If you missed it the first time, check out this teaser trailer for the 4-part Adult Swim original anime of Uzumaki, coming in 2021. Directed by Hiroshi Nagahama with music by Colin Stetson.”


As it states clearly, Uzumaki Anime is delayed to 2021!! And further more, there is no actual release date, just a year, so there is no telling how much we actually have to wait, maybe at this point it is better to read the manga if you haven’t in the hope of seeing its anime adaptation directly. 🙁

Adult Swim also released a 13-minute interview with the director Hiroshi Nagahama of this 4 part anime series “Uzumaki”, you can check it out here:

Uzumaki Director Hiroshi Nagahama Interview

Uzumaki Anime Cast?

The cast of Uzumaki Anime includes:

  • Uki Satake as Kirie Goshima
  • Shinichiro Miki as Shuichi Saito
  • Toshio Furukawa as Kirie’s Father
  • Takashi Matsuyama as Shuichi’s Father
  • Mika Doi as Yukie Saito
  • Mariya Ise as Azami Kurotami
  • Katsutoshi Matsuzaki as Katayama
  • Wataru Hatano as Okada
  • Tatsumaru Tachibana as Tsumura
  • Kouichi Toochika as Yokota
  • Ami Fukushima as Shiho
  • Gen Sato as Boy 1
  • Shunsuke Takeuchi as Boy 2
  • Anna Nagase as Girl
  • Kōsuke Okamoto as Attendee 1

The series was supposed to debut on Toonami in 2020, but now it is not clear anymore if it is still the case after the delay. The series is being co-produced by Production IG and Adult Swim.

Article Source: Adult Swim Website and ANN

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