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The Batman New Trailer Streamed at DC FanDome


So, last night, many DC fans were awake when all the other normal peeps were sleeping, as the grand and much-awaited online convention for the DC fans – DC FanDome happened, and streamed many new trailers and held many panels and many announcements were made in this grand event! Among all those trailers, there was a trailer that stood different among them all. And, that was the new Matt Reeves directed and Robert Pattinson starrer movie The Batman new trailer.

The Batman New Trailer ft. Robert Pattinson

So, first of all, here is the new trailer link you can watch the full trailer on Warner Brother’s official YouTube channel here:

The Batman Starring Robert Pattinson New Trailer

Initially, fans were furious when it was first announced that Robert Pattinson is going to play the “Caped Crusader” in the new Batman movie. It was primarily because of his boyish and romantic image due to the “Twilight” movie franchise, but all those voices have stopped criticizing now because the trailer is absolutely stunning!


What Happened in the Trailer?

So, first of all, you can also watch this trailer and other trailers on the official DC FanDome website here. The events are still ongoing, you can check the full schedule here. The website held this online event which started yesterday and will continue till tonight, i.e. 23rd August 2020.

The trailer is everything that a Batman fan has always wished for, and never got to see it in its full potential. Even though The Dark Knight Trilogy is as good as people say, but still, it is less of a “Batman” movie and more of a “Christopher Nolan” movie. But this new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson looks stylish, cinematic, and one hell of an emotional ride for Batman too. It is not an origin story, Batman already exists, but it is after that, when a criminal mastermind is trying to catch the attention of Batman and maybe bring him down.

The trailer starts with a fell of a “Detective Movie” which a Batman movie should look like. Then we see some glimpses of Batman, some action, but more philosophy and emotion. The trailer was so cinematic that it can cross-over with the “Joker Universe” in no time. Yes! I’m not even exaggerating! It may end up being that good!

I’m just loving every bit of the trailer as I’m watching it again and again! Please go and watch the trailer, and leave your thoughts in the comments!! Leaving some images of Rober Pattinson behind for you guys to vibe! Also, there is a slight glimpse of “Cat-woman” in the trailer, check it out as well!

Cat-woman in new The Batman

The said movie is all set to get a theatrical release in 2021. Ans Believe me I’m DYING to watch it RIGHT NOW!!!

So, hey there awesome people! Hope you’re having a great time. Please visit again!!

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