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After 2 Months of Long wait, Attack on Titan Chapter 129 is finally out. The Chapter has 45 Pages in Count and Has been Titled “Nostalgia” which is a bit strange and doesn’t entirely fit with the Events took place in the Chapter, Read further to now…

So, the Previous Chapter (Chapter 128) had ended with Connie Shooting Both Daz and Samuel. In which they Both probably died but also badly Injured Armin in his Jaw and other parts of the face. After that Fans had anticipated that they will get to see Armin’s Colossal second round.

But That Doesn’t Quite Happen! Not seeing Armin’s Colossal Titan was a Major Disappointment for fans but again if he had Actually transformed, he’d probably end up destroying the Entire Sea Court along with the Ship that plays an Important part in the entire chapter.


The Entire plot of the Chapter revolves around getting the Airplane that can fly over the millions of Collosal Titans and Take the Peace Squad to the Devil Eren Yeager.


But after talking to Kiyomi, the squad finds out that the Plane cannot fly without A day of Maintenance put into it and Waiting a whole day is certainly Impossible in the presence of these Mosquitoes called “Yeagerists

So in order, Kiyomi suggests that they should board the Plane on a Ship and leave to A nearby island where they can do the maintenance work Peacefully.


The Chapter was stuffed with Action. After so many Years of wait, we finally see the Female Titan aka Annie Leonheart Fighting the Yeagerists alongside The Armored Titan aka Reiner Braun. Also we had our Peace Alliance of Mikasa, Hange, Marleyans and Others..


The Female Titan and The Armored Titan are trying to hold against Yeagerists but the ThunderSpears are just too bothersome for them, Annie definitely hasn’t even heard of one before. So the Only chance of winning against the Yeagerists is to fight with Bare Blades.


The Biggest Highlight to the chapter was the Debut of The Falco’s Jaw Titan. Seeing Reiner and Annie struggling against Yeagerists, Falco decides to help them and performs his Very First Transformation.

Some of the Other Highlights included Coonie’s Rage, Instructor Shades Appearance and Gabi Shooting Floch on the Shoulder. Floch then falls into the sea so we still aren’t sure if he’s Dead.


The Chapter ends with The Peace Squad killing many Yeagerists and finally making it to the Ship and leaving to the Island. Floch tries to sink them with his Thunder Spear but Gabi the Sniper sinks Him instead.

The Peace Squad Pays a big price for the Step though. Commander Magoth and Instructor Shades Sacrifices themselves in order to Blow the Ship up that was Chasing The Peace Squad. Both the Veterans share their Experiences of being a Teacher and Die a Heroic Death.


Out of all the Previous Chapters, Attack on Titan Chapter 129 is indeed looking like Really Big of A Step Closer to the end. Lets just hope they don’t find anymore obstacles in their journey.

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